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34.09% Avg Strike Rate | 45.41Pts Avg Profit

(All Stats Above Are Taken From 2017 Results!)

Dear Friend,

I know what you're thinking...

You're thinking is this for real, can making money from the horses be so simple!

Is it really worth your time reading the rest of this page? Will you finally get the answers you've been searching for?

Well the cold hard truth is... YES!

Don't get my wrong, if you went your own way to try and figure things out for yourself you might get lucky. But chances are like most people looking for a consistant way to make money from the horses you'll be sent in so many different directions you'll get tired of looking and just give up!

How do I know this?

Look I've been there myself and I've wasted tons of cash buying worthless crap that promised the world but delivered NOTHING!

It took me years of trial and error to finally get the breakthough I was looking for and to make some REAL Consistant cash from betting on the horses.

Who Are We & Why Should You Listen To Us?

My name is Tom Mansfield. I am one of 3 members of the Winning Selections team, the others being Eric Bushal and James Jackson.

We all met at Doncaster a few years back and spent most of the day talking horses and strategy.

We backed each others selections and all walked away at the end of the day in profit.

Needless to say we stayed in touch and at the start of 2016 we started putting our combined strategy to the test.

In 2016 alone we made a profit of 447.98pts.

This year has been very profitable too so far at a solid 272.47pts

So How Does It Work?

Each of our selections are straight forward win bets, each backed at level stakes. We make our picks by using a simple set of rules that we have finely tuned over many years that narrow down the races to give us the best chance of winning.

This allows us to concentrate on fewer races and by doing this we receive a better return on investment!

It's taken us a long time to get our selections to turn a consistent profit. Any wannabe-tipster can give you a bunch of selections and land a lucky winner. Our selections however are carefully selected and always make us profit.

The Statistics: Over £2,724.66 Profit So Far In 2017

Since the start of the year I have bet at level £10 stakes on Betfair (BSP) and have pulled in a total profit of £2,724.66 after the 5% Betfair fees.

That's an average monthly profit of £454.11

My worst month was June which still saw a very nice profit of over £144.74 and my best month was February with a profit of £627.28

Over the last 6 months I have hit winners 34.09% of the time. So you can expect an average 4 winners in every 11 bets (give or take) with losing runs kept to a minimum and winning streaks the norm.

Recent Winners From The Last Few Weeks

Back Gworn to Win
at Ayr

WON at 6.90


Back Abingdon to Win at Pontefract
WON at 2.16


Back Akavit to Win
at Pontefract

WON at 4.39

Back Sir Plato to Win
at Windsor

WON at 5.23


Back Metronomic to Win at Beverley
WON at 5.46


Back Contango to Win at Chester
WON at 5.40

Download Our FULL 2016/2017 Results Here!

Frequently Asked Questions?

How will I get the information?

After joining you will be asked to supply an email address, this is where the daily selection emails will be sent.

What do I have to do?

Wait for the email, which will arrive the evening before the racing and back the selections we provide. We will give you the time of the race, the course and the horse to back. All bets are level 1pt win bets and we back at BSP (Betfair Starting Price).

Do I have to use Betfair?

No, you can place your bets with any bookmaker online or on the high street. Shop around to get the best price if you don't mind using multiple bookies to place your bets.

When will I get my informtion?

Each evening the email will be with you before 11pm. If there are no selections that day, we will email you to state this as early as we can.

Do all your selections win?

No, of course not. We pick a winner close to 1 in 3 though, but this is an average over time. We have bad days where we have 3 selections and they all lose. The same might happen the day after were we pick 2 winners out of the 3 and then hit another winner the next day. Betting always has it's ups and downs but it is a long term investment. As long as you use a 100pt bank and bet 1pt level stakes on each selection, over time your bank will grow.

How many selections will I get per day?

On days where there is racing we average about 4-5 selections per day. This varies from 1 selection to 7 though out the season.

What is your longest winning/losing runs?

Our longest winning run in 2016 was 5. While our longest losing run in 2016 was 20. At the end of 2016 we were in profit by 447.98pts.

Do you have full results?

Yes, you can download all our results for the 2016 and 2017 season below...
Download our FULL Winning Selection results here!

My question is not on the list?

Please contact us at support@winningselections.co.uk and we will do our best to answer your question.


So Here's The Deal...

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To your success
Tom, Eric & James
The Winning Selections Team

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